Cannabinoid Oil For Dogs

Cannabinoid Oil For Dogs

What is Hemp CBD Oil?

Let’s just have a quick recap of what CBD oil is all about. The plant that is used for you to produce 100% pure hemp CBD oil is the Cannabis Sativa, both marijuana and its hemp came from this plant. There are two main types of cannabinoids, the Cannabidiol or also known as CBD and Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. CBD are the one that is not a psychoactive drug and is therapeutic, while THC is the one that gives you a high feeling or the psychoactive one when consumed. THC usually contains 10-15 % of cannabis’ effect while the CBD hemp oil only has 0.3% or less and that’s what makes CBD hemp oil good for people and dogs because it has no intoxicating effect.

Hemp CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD oil is a popular medicinal herb these days that came from Cannabis plant and is legal to about 50 plus countries overseas. But this oil is not only for human consumptions but is also helpful for dogs. It said to be helpful for them if they are suffering from any ailments such as anxiety, arthritis and even cancer. In short, CBD oil for dogs has a lot of therapeutic benefits. Both chronic and acute diseases of dogs, CBD oil is helpful. Chronic conditions such as arthritis, compromised immune systems, stress responses, aggression and digestive issues. Also, there are ongoing studies these days that CBD’s therapeutic benefits could also help Type 1 diabetes, organ diseases and cancer. Veterinarians nowadays also finds CBD oil helpful for dogs in treating their acute ailments such as sprains and strains, torn ligaments, bone breaks and even in reducing swellings, pain and stiffness due to post-operative cares.

CBD oil for dogs for anxiety is helpful. CBD oil reduces anxiety for your dogs. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety or noise phobias, CBD oil is best for them. Extensive studies had been conducted and its effect have been proven and tested on stress and anxiety issues. CBD oil can also fight cancer. Cannabis oil for dogs with cancer has been studied well and found out that it contains an anti-tumor effect. It also proved that it could stop cancer cells from growing and is capable of increasing tumor cell’s death. Hemp CBD oil for dogs with seizures and also epilepsy are also proven an effective treatment. It is said that 5% of dogs are estimated that are suffering from seizures. Some dogs that suffer from this are given drugs such as phenobarbital and potassium bromide. Those drugs have been proven helpful but there are harmful side effects to your dog’s liver and other organs and not all the time it works for some cases. There are cases that seizures and epilepsy is drug resistant and CBD oil is the best therapeutic medicine for that. One study has been proven that. It is said that there are 7 out of 8 patients with epilepsy that is drug resistant made an improvement within just 4 to 5 months of having CBD oil intake.

What is the Best CBD Oil for Dogs?

Remember that CBD oil is not all the same. We really must choose and pick the right quality of CBD oil and consider these factors. First we must make sure that the products are organic. It should be made from 100% pure CBD for dogs because as we all know, pets are sensitive in a lot of aspects. Second, the price should be always right. Always look for a high quality and pure products and expect if it is in a good quality, it is also pricey. Third, always make sure that it is free from any other ingredients or chemicals and has a great amount of CBD hemp oil. It is always good to ask for some laboratory analysis about how much amount of CBD oil are present in your product if you have uncertainties because there’sa lot of CBD oil nowadays that only contain a small amount of CBD in it. Also make sure that there is only a small amount or no THC present in the product. You can purchase CBD oil as a CBD dog treats. CBD dog treats for anxiety and CBD dog treats for seizures are available in the market. Oil from CBD for dogs is a good option because proven and tested research that has promising results has already been done.